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Here's what students say about working for AGADA!

As a co-op student at AGADA Biosciences, I have been offered an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge and professionalism in the biological science industry. The past 8 months at AGADA have provided a solid foundation on which to build my academic and professional career. Learning from a group of highly professional experts, I have been able to put my academic knowledge into real-life situations by assisting in the preclinical testing program. I was provided the opportunity to become well-practiced in a wide range of techniques including; animal handling, data collection and analysis, molecular biological techniques such as RNA extraction and quantification, cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR as well as histological stains and analyses. This co-op term presented a constant learning curve as there were always new procedures to practice and master, in coordination with learning the theories behind them. It was a pleasure to work with the enthusiastic and supportive team at AGADA Biosciences, and I would certainly recommend this co-op placement to fellow students in Biology, Biochemistry or Microbiology.


-Becca Shaw, Biology Co-op Student

My experience at AGADA Biosciences was everything an undergraduate student could hope for from a Co-op work placement. AGADA Biosciences is composed of a group of highly professional individuals who are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. This supportive environment along with the constant learning curve and application of new skills made going to work each day a fun and rewarding experience. AGADA Biosciences offered me the unique opportunity to work with and have one on one informative discussions with world leading experts in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research and treatment. Additionally, working at AGADA Biosciences allowed me to work with and learn from expert consultants on techniques such as using an echocardiogram and conducting in-vitro muscle tests. I acquired many skills through our trials and research at AGADA such as: working with animals, performing functional testing, conducting statistical analysis, performing multiple methods of drug treatment, practicing professional writing skills, performing histological analysis and the experience of working in a professional preclinical research environment. For any student wishing to pursue a career in research or medicine following undergraduate studies I would highly suggest applying to work for AGADA Biosciences.


- Todd Dow, Biology Honours Student


AGADA Biosciences is a fast-pace work environment that has given me the opportunity to work in the pre-clinical drug testing field. Through this company, I have been able to utilize skills I’ve learned during my undergraduate program, as well as gain experience in key procedures and assessments for biomedical research. The learning curve is on-going thanks to weekly lab meetings that help keep you up to date with the happenings of the lab, as well as research presentations explaining project backgrounds that help expand your knowledge base. The staff are all extremely welcoming allowing for a supportive work environment that makes this placement not just educational, but also fun. I highly recommend applying to AGADA whether pre-clinical drug testing is your field of interest or not, as the learning experience can translate to many other fields of research. Having done this co-op placement I feel much more prepared for whatever I choose to do after my undergraduate degree.


-Charlotte Fuller, Biology & Chemistry Co-op Student


My time working with AGADA has been an enriching learning experience. The company provides the opportunity to apply biological theories, skills, and techniques to the industrial workforces as well as research in the science community. AGADA really encouraged hands on learning and development of my education throughout the work term. The wide variety of skills that I have learned and practiced are distinctive and have met and exceeded my expectations. Being a part of a new company is a unique opportunity to learn about the pre-clinical drug development industry, as well as be part of developing experimental protocols.  As a co-op student, I was given responsibilities and duties like every other employee, and treated as such. It’s been a privilege to work with such a knowledgeable and skilled team of people, and of course, fun and friendly! Working here has been my most educational, applicable, and challenging placement, and has been a rewarding opportunity.


-J. Renée Yang, Biology Co-op Student

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