Eric P Hoffman

Founder, President and CEO

Dr. Hoffman is a human molecular geneticist with extensive experience in translational therapeutics in the muscular dystrophies. Working with Louis Kunkel at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Hoffman helped clone the Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene. He then identified dystrophin and its deficiency as the cause of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is a world renowned leader who has made key contributions to the genetics, genomics, and molecular diagnostics of many types of neuromuscular disease. Dr. Hoffman is currently the Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Binghamton University, NY. He previously held the A. James Clark Chair in Molecular Medicine at Children’s National Medical Center, where he led the Center for Genetic Medicine Research. He was also a Professor and Chair of the Department of Integrative Systems Biology at George Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Hoffman serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of the Foundation to Eradicate Duchenne, CureDuchenne, Save Our Sons, and C3 Foundation. He is Chairman-elect of the TREAT-NMD Executive Committee and Scientific Director of the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Disease Research Group (CINRG). He is also the Vice President and co-founder of ReveraGen Biopharma. He has over 500 publications and holds 7 patents.

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