Jordan Warford

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Warford is a neuroimmunologist with research contributions that have played a role in understanding immune modulation in multiple sclerosis, stroke, Huntington’s disease and sepsis. He received both his M.Sc. in pharmacology and PhD in pathology from Dalhousie University. Training collaboratively with researchers across the country, Dr. Warford brings extensive experience in animal models and surgical procedures to AGADA. His skillsets include histological and molecular evaluation of experimental pathology, drug development, flow cytometry, nutraceuticals, biomarker identification, primary cell culture, and a complement of ex vivo cell culture techniques. Bridging AGADA’s preclinical and human trial expertise, Dr. Warford has sat as a member on an institutional animal ethics board and brings hands-on knowledge of human tissue biopsy procedures. Dr. Warford currently contributes to AGADA’s ongoing preclinical expansion and clinical trial analysis.

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