Maja Malbasic

Clinical QA Coordinator

Ms. Malbasic received her Bachelor of Science degree in biology, with a minor in chemistry and mathematics from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS. During her undergraduate degree, she focused on animal behavior and physiology. After graduation, her professional employment provided hands on experience in a laboratory environment in addition to project management skills. Her most recent experience in a regulated GMP laboratory for rapid diagnostic tests, included over four years in a regulatory and quality assurance environment. As a quality assurance research associate, Ms. Malbasic helped maintain the quality system and performed internal audits to ensure that quality standards were achieved by all of the company’s products. At AGADA, Ms. Malbasic assists with in vivo functional testing and histological analysis for preclinical studies. In addition to preclinical study settings, Ms. Malbasic assists in developing and maintaining Quality System for clinical studies.

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