Melissa Mammoliti

Research Associate

Ms.Mammoliti received her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Dalhousie University in Truro, Nova Scotia, during which she majored in Animal Science. She was able to gain valuable laboratory experience working in the molecular microbiology lab studying plant growth and development. Ms.Mammoliti worked with both large and small animals during her time at the Faculty of Agriculture and employment experiences on the farm and in animal clinics. At AGADA, she uses her animal handling, dosing, blood and tissue collection experience to assist with the preclinical testing program. Ms.Mammoliti performs in vivo behavioural assays such as treadmill exhaustion assay and grip strength measurements as well as histological analysis on muscle tissue for testing the level of inflammation (H&E), Fibrosis (Picro-Sirius Red) and Immunofluorescence staining for dystrophin.

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