Pia Elustondo


Dr. Elustondo is an experienced biochemist who has devoted much of her research career to study molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis in a variety of diseases such as preeclampsia, stroke and mechanisms of infection. Dr. Elustondo graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with training in clinical diagnosis and received her PhD from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her doctoral thesis focused on the role of Integrin-linked kinases in human and mice placental development. Upon graduation, she joined Dalhousie University’s Department of Physiology to pursue a postdoctoral work studying mitochondrial physiology and mechanisms of cell death. She also had the opportunity to work in a laboratory that explored the genetic evolution of protist and mechanisms of infection in Apicomplexa. Throughout the years, Dr. Elustondo has acquired a vast experience in laboratory molecular biology techniques including qPCR and cloning. She has extensive experience in live cell imaging and in state-of-the-art methodology used to evaluate mitochondrial homeostasis such as calcium transport, mitochondrial membrane potential  and metabolism. Dr. Elustondo now forms part of AGADA’s research team, bringing her unique clinical and laboratory expertise to provide preclinical and clinical services.

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