Sadish Srinivassane

Senior Research Associate

Mr. Srinivassane received his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from Pondicherry University (India), Master of Veterinary Public Health degree from Calcutta University (India), and Master of Animal Science degree from Dalhousie University (Canada). He has worked in various research institutes and universities as a research assistant and research fellow, where he acquired an impressive number of skills and techniques related to animal studies, immunology and molecular biology. Mr. Srinivassane has previously worked at Performance Genomics Inc. (Canada), maintaining a breeding colony of mice for research on the reproductive longevity of animals. As a veterinarian, he also has a vast amount of experience in animal work, a quality that is essential for preclinical trials and AGADA Biosciences. At AGADA, Mr. Srinivassane manages laboratory equipment and supplies to ensure effectiveness, regular maintenance and calibration. He has extensive experience with in vivo functional testing such as, echocardiography and grip strength and he uses these skills to assist in the preclinical testing program. He is involved with method development, validation and testing of biochemical and immunostaining assays for clinical trials.

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