Wilson Wu

Research Associate

Wilson is a physiologist with a background in immunology, microbiology, and respiratory diseases. He completed his Master of Science degree in Physiology from University of Toronto. During his M.Sc. degree, Wilson studied Cystic Fibrosis lung and intestinal disease and screened for novel drug hits in animal models and patient derived primary cultures. Wilson received his Bachelor of Science at McGill University in microbiology and immunology and completed his honours course studying whether specific microbial interactions amplified the severity of Crohn’s Disease. During his B.Sc., Wilson also worked as a research assistant in the Department of Physiology studying Cystic Fibrosis and assisted with protein purifications, cell culture, microscopy, and molecular and functional assays. For three years, he volunteered as a clinical research assistant in Montreal’s Children Hospital collecting data for patients on trial drugs as well as respiratory, bone, ligament, and muscle-related injuries. Besides his clinical experience, Wilson’s skillset includes expertise in animal surgeries, molecular biology, drug screening and functional assays as well as primary cell cultures. Wilson currently contributes to the pre-clinical and clinical testing programs at AGADA Biosciences.

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