AGADA Biosciences meets the rapidly growing need for services that accelerate orphan drug development. We provide centralized preclinical drug efficacy testing and phenotyping services for neuromuscular disorders, with a specific expertise in murine models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Our team includes key opinion leaders in pre-clinical studies of dystrophin-deficiency and other muscular dystrophies.  More than 70 preclinical phenotyping and efficacy trials in muscular dystrophy mouse models have been carried out for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, foundations, and academic groups.


AGADA is in the process of gaining the intellectual property needed for surrogate biomarker development and testing for use in clinical trials of orphan drugs.


Our attention to service and quality, together with our extensive experience in this field, has made us an industry leader.  A menu of phenotyping options, as well as supportive in vitro assays allow us to customize pre-clinical efficacy studies to the needs of the customer.  

Welcome to AGADA Biosciences

Please contact us for detailed information about services offered, or arrange on on-site visit at our new Halifax laboratories. 

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