Pre-clinical QA / QC

AGADA's Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program includes:

  • A robust Quality Management System (QMS) with processes, policies and procedures in place managed in a controlled manner, with a level of risk, throughout the Preclinical services.
  • Review and release of all preclinical study outlines, reports, presentations, and raw data/stats.
  • A culture of integrity and accountability to guarantee that quality and compliance with industry standards are maintained. By creating internal standards and processes to establish safe, validated, and effective processes for data recording and documentation.
  • Quality Systems are in place to monitor and report Quality Events to ensure issues are investigated and prevention actions are put into place. To confirm that important quality, compliance, and safety issues are monitored.
  • Rigorous Quality control to verify compliance to procedures, and reporting of data to certify data integrity, correctness, and completeness, followed by Quality Assurance review to pledge adherence to established processes and standards independent of the compilation/development of work to support the effectiveness of the Quality control program before delivery of the final product.
  • Work with Management to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed and updated for the animal facility and animal welfare.